Balnagown Estate in the Autumn

Every season is beautiful on the Balnagown Estate, but Autumn is especially so as each species of tree takes its turn to change from green to stunning shades of red and gold. Although some other Highland estates also share this wonder, Balnagown is especially rich in different tree species, with its lowland location in the relatively kind climate of the Cromarty firth being the main reason for this.

Although we tend to associate autumn colours with the leaves from broadleaf trees such as oak, birch and beech, there is actually a deciduous conifer which turns a deep yellow and then drops its needles in the very late autumn – the larch. Although not native to the UK, the European larch, and also the Japanese larch, are widely planted in Scotland as the timber is of high quality and has many uses including construction. At Balnagown Estate we have many hectares of larch, which now look especially prominent against the native scots pine which, as an evergreen, keeps its needles throughout the winter.

Another natural spectacle which marks the latter part of autumn and on the onset of winter, is the arrival of greylag and pink-footed geese to many of the fields which flank the estate on Cromarty firth side. Huge flocks of these geese arrive form their breeding grounds in Greenland and Iceland, and provide a spectacular sight as they arrive in their iconic v-shape formation then spiral down to land – all the time honking to stay in contact with each other.

Staying in one of our luxury cottages or lodges at Balnagown Estate in late autumn and early winter allows you to experience all these wonderful spectacles, plus many more. All of the properties at Balnagown allow easy access to the estate’s huge network of paths and tracks for quiet and rewarding walks, then a return to your cosy cottage or lodge and a real fire to relax in front of. And throughout late autumn and into winter we offer special reduced rates on many of our properties, so take a look now and we hope we’ll be able to welcome you to Balnagown Estate very soon.