Major investment at our Duchally Estate

Duchally Estate, which is one of the three estates which make up Balnagown Estates (the other two are Inveroykel and Balnagown itself), is our most northerly and is famed for its fine deer stalking, remoteness and natural beauty. However, for some time we’ve recognised that investment was needed to improve facilities and access, so we’re delighted to announce that this work has now commenced and will be complete by spring 2012.

The main part of the development is the creation of a new building which will contain a deer larder, plus a bothy so our guests can enjoy a dram with the stalker when they return from the hills after a successful day’s stalking. A visual of the new building, which is close to Duchally Lodge, is shown here.

In addition to the new building, we’re making significant improvements to the tracks which lead into the hills to ensure a quicker and more comfortable journey for our guests.

This new state-of-the-art facility and improved access is a measure of our commitment to continually invest in, and develop, our three estates for the benefit of our guests. And although the Duchally Estate is especially renowned for the high quality of its deer stalking, its remoteness and beauty also means that it is popular with walkers, bird watchers and those who simply want to truly escape the stress of everyday life. Duchally Lodge provides a wonderfully cosy and relaxed environment to stay, and on autumn and winter nights a blazing fire in the hearth helps create the perfect setting to relax after a day enjoying the rugged splendour of the estate.