Staying at Balnagown Estates in the winter months

Although the spring, summer and autumn months are obviously more popular for tourist coming to the Scottish Highlands, the winter months also have much to offer. For one, there are far fewer people about! The landscape also takes on a very different character, with the tops of the mountains almost permanently covered in snow. The three estates which make up Balnagown Estates – Balanagown itself, Invercassley and Duchally – take on much of this different character, though the two northern estates of Invercassley and Duchally are far more rugged and remote, and therefore are more likely to see snow on the ground. However, getting around is much easier than might be expected, as even when there is snow at lower levels the Highland Council is very geared-up for keeping roads clear.

But perhaps the most appealing aspect of letting one of our superb luxury properties in the winter months, is the prospect of the evenings spent in a warm and cosy lodge or cottage, and complete with an open fire or wood-burning stove. And if you choose any one of the five properties at Balnagown Estate, you’ll have access to the excellent sports and games hall. The hall is heated and superbly equipped with fitness equipment and facilities for badminton and volleyball etc.

During the days, all three estates offer outstanding walks with those at Balnagown Estate relatively easy, as the terrain is not at all rugged. Balnagown Estate is also close to the picturesque towns of Tain and Dornoch, and only around 40 minutes from Inverness. So there’s plenty to see and do, with excellent shops and restaurants, plus a theatre and other entertainment in Inverness.

So check now for availability on our properties, and also the excellent reduced rates we offer throughout the winter months.