Duchally Lodge – the ultimate in remote Scottish holiday cottages

Over the next few months, each week we’ll be focusing on one of our properties and telling you more about it and what makes it special, with this week’s being Duchally Lodge. So where is Duchally Lodge? It’s on our Duchally Estate which is in the Northern Scottish Highlands, and in a particularly remote but still very beautiful area. Duchally Lodge is reached via the picturesque village of Rosehall in Sutherland, but even from there it’s a 12 mile drive along a single track road (though an easy and relatively flat one) which ends at the Lodge – so very few people use the road as there are few other reasons to do so!

It’s this sort of remoteness in the Scottish Highlands which makes Duchally lodge so special, but if you’re thinking ‘remoteness’ means a lack of comfort you’d be wrong – Duchally Lodge is superbly furnished to a very high standard, though still with a cosy and homely feel. It also has broadband and Sky TV, so staying in touch with the wider world is as easy as being back in a town or city. This contrasts with many other remote Scottish holiday cottages, where ‘remote’ also means very basic! As it happens though, at one time Duchally Lodge would have been very basic because it’s origins were a humble shepherd’s cottage. But now extended and with a wonderful and inviting interior, it really does combine the best elements a true Highland retreat can offer.

During the stalking season for stags, which is 1st July to 20th October, Duchally Lodge is often occupied with our guests who enjoy this important pursuit. (And important because controlling deer numbers is absolutely essential.) But outside the stalking season the lodge is available for anyone to rent, and those that do are often our guests who enjoy bird watching, walking, mountain biking, or simply getting away from the stresses of everyday life. Going back to bird watching, Duchally Estate is especially rich in bird life with species such as Osprey, Hen Harrier and Golden Eagle all present. In fact the estate’s resident stalker will be only too happy to offer advice on the best place to look for these and many other birds. Speaking of the estate’s stalker, he and his wife, who also works on the estate, live in an adjoining cottage to the lodge. For our guests this is a perfect situation because both husband and wife are there if needed to help ensure our guests have a perfect stay, but equally will ensure our guests have all the privacy they need to make sure the benefits of staying in a remote Scottish holiday lodge are fully met.