The perfect remote holiday cottage in Scotland

For many people and especially those with hectic lifestyles in business, a proper holiday is one where you get away from it all – people, cars, noise and stress. All our luxury cottages and lodges fit that bill at Balnagown Estates, but there are extremes and Duchally Lodge is certainly at the far end of it! Located around 12 miles from the nearest village (Rosehall) and at the end of a single track road which stops at the property, Duchally Lodge can certainly and accurately be described as ‘remote’. The only other dwelling is an adjacent cottage where the estate’s stalker and his wife live, but that’s it.

The stunning scenery at Duchally also adds to the sense of remoteness, with truly vast expanses of moorland and forest on either side of the beautiful River Cassley, which snakes through the glen and past the lodge. As a further backdrop, the Munro of Ben More Assynt is visible from Duchally Lodge and indeed is also reachable by a series of tracks and paths.

As we’ve recently reported, Duchally Lodge and the wider estate have enjoyed a series of improvements including a new bothy and access into the hills. Duchally Lodge has so much to offer to anyone who truly wants peace and quiet, but especially to those who also enjoy walking, bird watching, mountain biking or fishing.

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