See our updated photo gallery of Scottish Highland landscapes and wildlife

One of our staff at Balnagown Estates, Paul, always takes his camera with him as he goes between our three Highland estates as part of his working day. If he sees the potential for a great landscape shot or gets a glance of a red deer stag, osprey, pine martin or any of the other wonderful species of wildlife we have on the estates, out comes his camera and he records the moment. Now we’re adding more of Paul’s photos to our gallery for you to enjoy, and also to show the sort of scenes and wildlife you could also enjoy with a stay in any of our nine luxury cottages and lodges in the Highlands of Scotland.

The range of wildlife we have at Balnagown, Duchally and Invercassley Estates is immensely wide and varied. At Balnagown we have nesting ospreys in the spring and summer, with hen harriers, peregrine falcon and golden eagle at Duchally at Invercassley. Red, sika and roe deer are all present, with smaller mammals such as pine martin, otter and badger.

So to see and photograph such species yourself, and to see and photograph the equally varied landscape we have of mountain, forest, glen, river and moorland, book your holiday at Balnagown Estates.