Work complete at our Duchally Estate

Back last year we announced that a major development project was underway at our Duchally Estate, and since then we’ve given occasional updates on the work. Well now we’re pleased to announce that all the work is complete, and the photo above shows the main elements of this.

In the foreground is the new building which houses the deer larder and other associated facilities, plus a bothy for stalkers and our other guests to relax in and enjoy after a day out on the hills. In the background is our new storage barn, and then to the right of this an impressive wind turbine which provides all the electricity for the estate, plus making a contribution to the national grid.

As can be seen from the photograph, Balnagown Estates has invested a considerable sum of money into this project at Duchally, and has done so for a number of key reasons:

  • To further enhance the facilities and overall experience for our guests
  • To demonstrate support for the North Highland economy – e.g. though the use of contractors and suppliers for the project
  • To further demonstrate a commitment to the environment by creating buildings using materials from a sustainable source wherever possible, plus through the installation of the wind turbine

Duchally Lodge remains our only property for guests on the estate, with this distinction ensuring an almost unrivalled level of privacy and peace and quiet. To balance this though, the adjacent property houses the estate’s stalker and his partner, with this providing a sense of reassurance, in that both individuals will ensure your stay is a perfect one and they will be on hand to help and advise in any way they can.

So if you love the outdoors and pursuits such as walking, fishing, mountain biking or bird watching, then make Duchally Lodge your home for a week or more. We promise you won’t be disappointed.