How we maintain our lochs at Balnagown for both trout fishing and wildlife

We rather think this very short video will be one of the more unusual you will have ever viewed online, so please take a look and see how an amazing machine was recently used on three of our lochs at Balnagown to improve the trout fishing and wildlife habitat.

What you’re looking at is the operation of a specialist machine which we hired to clear excessive waterweed from areas of our lochs at Balnagown Estate, and this to keep them in good condition for trout fishing – which is free to the guests which stay in any of our five luxury lodges and cottages – and also for the benefit of wildlife. And in addition to this work, we also restock the lochs with trout on an annual basis.

So it’s clear how all this benefits the fishing, but how about the wildlife? Well as a specific and beyond just improving the biodiversity of the lochs, one of our star wildlife attractions at Balnagown is breeding Ospreys and they benefit in two ways: Firstly, there’s simply more fish for them to catch and feed to their young, and secondly it’s easier and safer for them to catch the fish because they can dive into areas of water which are clear of weed.

So whether you come to Balnagown for the excellent trout fishing or the wildlife (or neither but just appreciate the effort we take to maintain the estate grounds), then this shows just two of the many steps we take to ensure your stay is a perfect one.