Further investment in our Duchally Estate

Roadworks at Duchally 2014 - The Crew

Following the major development we carried out at Duchally and completed in the spring of 2012 which saw much-improved facilities for our guests, our attention has recently turned to improving vehicle access to the lodge. So, in truth, this isn’t the most exciting thing we’ve ever told you about, but rest assured that putting new tarmac down on the previously-potholed single track road has certainly got our pulses going! And as you can see from the photos here, the heavy plant machinery was quite a sight with the backdrop of the rugged Sutherland Hills behind.

The resurfaced Duchally Road

The resurfaced Duchally Road

Actually, the 12 miles of road which leads from Rosehall and comes to a halt when it gets to Duchally Lodge has always been reasonable and we can certainly think of worse public roads in the Highlands, but we didn’t think it was good enough for our guests. And the road is absolutely vital because it’s the only way to and from Duchally.

Outside of the stalking season, we usually have plenty of availability at Duchally and its very remote location but coupled with the relative luxury of the property makes it ideal for walkers, wildlife lovers, and those that simply want to get away from it all – and we can definitely promise the latter! So if Duchally Lodge looks like it might be ideal for your early winter or pre-Christmas break in the Scottish Highlands, then have a look at the property details here.